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P-LINE Spectrex Braid 300 Yards Green

- Made with the best raw materials available
- Braided line using strict quality control standards
- Coloring system that permeates the Spectra fibers
- UV Resistant

P-LINE is a 100% USA made product which offers a low diameter to breaking strain ration with all but no stretch in the line making it perfect for feeling the bites, strikes and action of you lure.

Don't let the price fool you, Spectrex is made using only the finest Spectra fibres from Honeywell USA, this is truly a premium braid.

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Spectrex is manufactured with the best raw materials available, exclusively using Honeywell Spectra®. The line is braided to P-Line’s exact specifications in the United States under very strict quality control standards. Unlike most “Superlines”, we use a coloring system that actually permeates the Spectra fibers ensuring great color integrity.


So what does this mean to the angler who is not an engineer? Increased sensitivity because of near-zero stretch factor. Increased line capacity because of the high strength to diameter ratio. And a fishing line that has an unlimited life on the reel because in addition to being hydrophobic, Spectrex is also UV resistant.



lb (kg)              -        Diameter

10lb (4kg)       -        0.15mm

15lb (kg)         -        0.23mm

20lb (kg)         -        0.28mm

30lb (kg)         -        0.33mm

50lb (kg)         -        0.36mm

65lb (kg)         -        0.48mm

80lb (kg)         -        0.61mm

More Information
Line Length
300yd / 275m
Line Type
Spectrex IV is a four carrier Spectra® braid. Each carrier has up to 60 strands of Honeywell's highest quality Spectra and is braided into a single line totaling up to 240 strands.
Line Brand
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