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P-LINE Floroclear Fluorocarbon Coated Line 300YD

 - Greater sinking rate than monofilament
 - Special silicone treatment reduces memory and increases casting distance
 - Virtually invisible in the water
 - Fluorocarbon coated fishing line
 - Made in Japan

With Floroclear’s fluorocarbon coating the line is virtually invisible once it enters the water. This gives anglers the advantage of a more stealthy presentation, which will guarantee more strikes and hookups. With a special silicone treatment, Floroclear has reduced memory and increased castability. From small finesse baits for bass to huge plugs for stripers in the surf, this line just plain casts.

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P-Line FloroClear is a combination of tough P-Line co-polymer with a fluorocarbon coating that reduces the line's visibility when immersed in water. The combination of the two materials enhances the strength of the fluorocarbon line with the addition of the co-polymer and gives the low stretch and abrasion resistance characteristics of fluorocarbon to the co-polymer.

This line handles quite well even on a spinning reel and can be used in the higher strength ratings even for finesse fishing.

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Line Length
300yd / 275m
Line Type
Fluorocarbon coated copolymer line
Line Brand
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