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Jet Diver 30 Feet

Take your lure down deep without the hassle of downrigging. The Jet Diver will dive to 20 feet taking your lures or soft plastic down deep with it. If you rig a diving lure it will dive even deeper!

The Jet Diver's unique, buoyant design collects water pressure against its wings to dive; yet when pressure is relaxed, the Jet Diver will float off of structure.

The preeminent diver for river back-trolling applications, the Jet Diver enables the presentation of lures and baits tight to the river bottom where most fish are found, without getting hung-up in this difficult environment.

Trolling anglers incorporate Jet Divers as controlled-dive tools that are highly capable of bumping over bottom structure, and floating free should they become stuck.


  • Use trolling or river backtrolling
  • Fish-attracting colors
  • Floats at rest (less snags)
  • UV Bright finish reflects more light energy, strengthening the Jet Diver's visibility

Jet Diver Tech Report    Jet Diver Tech Report


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