XCalibur XrK25 One Knocker Rattle Bait 1/4oz

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The One Knocker single rattle is especially effective on highly pressured waters, where big bass get accustomed to seeing and hearing every rattlebait known to man.

Tx3 Trebles with VMC InLine Technology
Giving fishermen the edge on the water this season—three of them, in fact. The Tx3 hook point has three razor-sharp cutting edges for the ultimate in penetrating efficiency. The tips are forged, instead of chemically sharpened, which dramatically improves durability. They're then retouched with a coning process that serves double-duty to boost point integrity and smooth the cutting surfaces. Tx3 Trebles slice with minimal friction and stand up to serious abuse.

Size: 1/4oz, 6cm

XCalibur XrK25 One Knocker Rattle Bait 1/4oz

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  • XCalibur XrK25 One Knocker Rattle Bait 1/4oz


The XRK25 One Knocker takes the loud, unique “thunk” produced by a single tungsten-lead rattle into a size not available before now.
The XRK25 uses high-quality components, 3-D red eyes, etched scale surface and all of the best color patterns of the other One Knockers. The smaller size presents a more diminutive baitfish or crawfish profile for times when bass are finicky, the early season or anytime you need to match a smaller hatch. Despite its size, because of the internal weight and shape it casts like a bullet.

Additional Information

Colour Rayburn Red
Lure Depth Slow Sinking
Lure Length 6cm (2.2 inch)
Lure Weight 7gm (1/4oz)
Hooks Tx3 Trebles with VMC® InLine Technology