Tyrant Tackle Dictator 6 Inch Surface Lure

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The Dictator is a creeper, this top water lure never leaks and never loses its buoyancy. Work the lure very slowly across the surface and just wait for the monsters of the deep to come up and smash this lure.

At 6 inches long its the size of a small bird and has metre long Murray Cod written all over it! Probably the best action in a large surface lure, if you love Kingfisher Mantis, Jackall Pompadour and the like you will like the Tyant Dictator even more, much bigger profile, much better action, this is a serious Murray Cod Fishing Lure. Get one on your line and get a Murray Cod in the boat!

Lure Length: 6"
Weight: 75 grams
Hook Size: 3/0 wide gap
Target Murray Cod, Barramundi

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Tyrant Tackle Dictator 6 Inch Colour Chart

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  • Tyrant Tackle Dictator 6 Inch Colour Chart
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The Dictator is made of high pressure polystyrene that has the density and buoyancy characteristics of more expensive balsa lures. Through-wire construction, Iron Fist split rings, and our wide gap short shank hooks. The wings are well-made and are strong and sturdy. If the Dictator ever comes out of tune from a fish hitting or hitting a structure, it is practically effortless to retune it.

Additional Information

Colour See Colour Chart
Lure Depth Surface
Lure Length 6 Inch (12cm)
Lure Weight 75 grams
Hooks 3/0 Wide Gap