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Get it down deep with these diving assistance tools and accessories

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  1. Deeper Diver 40 Feet Trolling Disc

    Lurk Deeper Diver 40 Feet Trolling Sinker


    Size: 65mm - Dives 20-40 feet!

    Deeper Divers are directional sinkers that use the water's resistance to dive. Their built-in weights let you adjust that dive port or starboard; or set the weight right in the middle to dive directly behind the boat. When a fish hits, it trips the mechanism that kept the Deeper Diver plowing down, allowing you to fight the fish with minimal additional resistance.

    Deeper Diver sz107 up to 80 feet Learn More
  2. Slide Diver by U Charters

    Slide Diver




    SIZE: Standard - 9.5cm

    The U-Charters Slide Diver is a new take on the standard disk diver design. Slide divers are fully adjustable trolling sinkers with the main line running through the body of the disc and when a fish strikes, runs freely along the line with little to no resistance. Leader length is no longer restricted as the line can be locked in at any point allowing the angler to stretch the offering well behind the diver, which instantly releases at the lightest bite from a fish. As soon as the rod moves, remove it from the rod holder and reel in.

    The adjustable trip mechanism can be set specifically for various lure sizes and the size of target fish.

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  3. Deep Six Trolling Diver SILVER

    Deep Six Trolling Diver SILVER


    Diving with a steep angle of descent to reach fish quickly and with complete control. The key to the diver's success is an adjustable, positive trip mechanism that can be set to handle the strongest currents and fastest troll speeds, while still tripping on the strike or manually tripped by the angler for easy retrieves. Deep Six models feature a keel weight, providing the fastest and deepest dives short of a downrigger.


    • Dives steep & deep
    • Stainless steel hardware
    • Adjustable, positive trip mechanism
    • Welded ring construction
    • Fish-attracting colors
    • Easy retrieving and rebaiting
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  4. Pink Lady Trolling Diver

    Pink Lady Trolling Diver


    The Pink Lady is part of Luhr Jensen's arsenal of deep diving sinkers, great for getting trolled lures and bait down when the fish are holding deep. A lot easier and cheaper then downrigging with the same result.

    When in the middle of a hot bite, you want a diver that sets and deploys in an instant. The Pink Lady does just that. Using an all stainless steel slip-trip action, the Pink Lady sets with just a flick of the rod tip. If a fish strikes and misses, the Pink Lady can be reset from the boat by quickly dropping some slack to it.


    • All stainless steel hardware
    • Automatically sets & dives
    • Resettable trip mechanism
    • Fish-attracting color
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  5. Jet Diver 30 Feet Metallic Blue

    Jet Diver 30 Feet


    Take your lure down deep without the hassle of downrigging. The Jet Diver will dive to 20 feet taking your lures or soft plastic down deep with it. If you rig a diving lure it will dive even deeper!

    The Jet Diver's unique, buoyant design collects water pressure against its wings to dive; yet when pressure is relaxed, the Jet Diver will float off of structure.

    The preeminent diver for river back-trolling applications, the Jet Diver enables the presentation of lures and baits tight to the river bottom where most fish are found, without getting hung-up in this difficult environment.

    Trolling anglers incorporate Jet Divers as controlled-dive tools that are highly capable of bumping over bottom structure, and floating free should they become stuck.


    • Use trolling or river backtrolling
    • Fish-attracting colors
    • Floats at rest (less snags)
    • UV Bright finish reflects more light energy, strengthening the Jet Diver's visibility
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  6. Trolling Rudder Clear 2 pack

    Trolling Rudder Clear 2 pack


    Through-wire construction offers a strong, compact and highly versatile trolling rudder. Streamlined design minimizes tangles and twist while keeping trolled lines running true.

    2 Pack - 4.5cm Long

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