Sebile Koolie Minnow Barra 118 LL

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Koolie Minnow Long Lips are buoyant, deep-diving minnows with wiggling, rolling actions specifically designed as Barra Lures. The design of the strong, bridge-reinforced lip allows a steep dive and an easy retrieve in comparison to other baits of its kind. They may be swam steadily or jerked responsively and they rise free of snags whenever paused. In fact, several aspects of their construction are designed to let Koolies dive deep into snaggy areas without getting stuck.

Sebile Koolie Minnow 118 LL Specifications

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Sebile Koolie Minnow Barramundi LL 118

With a full range, there is truly a Koolie Minnow LL size suited to catch any deep-dwelling predator on the planet, from the biggest to the smallest.

From Patrick S├ębile, "On light, medium or heavy tackle, in salt or freshwater, the Koolie Long Lip series is my favourite choice when I want to fish deep water, either casting or deep trolling. Particularly when you have a tidal current or in a freshwater river, the Koolie Long Lip is easy to use as simply casting it 90 degrees straight out and let the current work the bait down and around almost without reeling. Very simple, but oh so very effective."

The Koolie Minnow LL has a wiggling, rolling action and dives deeper than other minnow baits of comparable size. It catches fish just like a crankbait when used with a steady retrieve. Also superb to use as a jerkbait with a cadence of jerks and pauses. It may be trolled or strummed in a current. Best of all, it floats up and out of snags, making it a great choice to swim right through thick underwater cover where other lures such as suspending jerbaits cannot easily be used without snagging them.

Sebile Koolie Minnow 118LL Barra Lures Banner

Pro Staff Tips: - How deep can you go? This lure will take you there, it is the deepest diving minnow of it's size
- Has a great tight wiggle and roll, and does not pull hard like other deep divers when trolled
- Very easy to cast and won't wobble in the wind when cast

Additional Information

Colour See Colour Chart
Lure Depth > 10m +
Lure Length 118mm
Lure Weight 27 gm
Hooks Owner Treble Hooks