Weedless Scum Frog Surface Lure

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The completely weedless design of The Southern Lure Company Scum Frog allows it to slide effortlessly over and around weedbeds, lilypads, limbs, and stumps.

The Scum Frog allows easy fishing in places other lures can't go without hanging or picking up moss. Although the Scum Frog is weedless, its super soft body gives plenty of catching power.

Discover the exciting top water action of Scum Frog fishing!

Murray Cod falls victim to the might Scum Frog

Weedless Scum Frog COlour Chart

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Discover the exciting top water action of Scum Frog fishing!

The classic frog shape represents an easy meal to hungry fish. When a fish hits, the body compresses, revealing the two razor-sharp hooks for a solid hookset. When at rest, the rubber skirt keeps moving for added appeal that sends bass on a feeding binge.

Murray Cod, Barra, Bass, Yellow Belly will all be dominated by this lure, it is simply one of the best topwater lures on the market.

Murray Cod taken on Scum Frogs

Additional Information

Colour See Image Chart
Lure Depth Surface / Topwater
Lure Length 5cm
Lure Weight 9gm
Hooks Yes