Livingston Stick Master Jerk Bait

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- Electronic Injured Baitfish Sound - Advanced Rattles - Shallow Diver
- Length: 8cm - Weight: 14gm (1/2oz) - Mustad Trebles

Livingston Lures Stick Master Jerk Bait

This lure’s classic floating jerk bait design is ideal for situations where gamefish are feeding on schools of shad, minnows, or fry near the surface.

With its tapered 3-inch body and precision tuned bill, Livingston’s Stick Master can quickly dive down 4 or 5 feet on the “jerk,” then rises towards the surface like a wounded fish on the pause. 

Livingston Lures Stick Master Jerk Bait

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  • Livingston Lures Stick Master Jerk Bait
  • Livingston Lures Stick Master Jerk Bait
  • Livingston Lures Stick Master Jerk Bait
  • Livingston Lures Stick Master Jerk Bait
  • Livingston Lures Stick Master Jerk Bait


Tapered Body Design, Advanced Vibration & Sound Technology - Help Anglers “Stick It” To Freshwater Gamefish.


This proven fish-catching action is enhanced even further with Livingston’s proprietary internal sound chamber, featuring advanced rattles and microelectronics developed to mimic the “croaking” sound of injured baitfish (similar concept to the Hydrowave) . These rattles create high-pitched sound activated by the movement of the lure, which is detected through the lateral lines of predatory fish on the hunt for food. Unlike typical jerk baits that do nothing as they float up or suspend, Livingston’s Stick Master emits its electronic croak to further stimulate the feeding instincts of fish. With this combination of swimming action, rattling vibration and sound, this lure is always working during every stage of the retrieve.


At ½-oz., the new Stick Master can easily reach long distances to cover more water.   It’s the ideal lure to bust out when fish are busting on schools of baitfish or trapping fry against the shoreline.   Fished with a quick jerk and pause retrieve, this lure’s frantic swimming action and underwater sound are more than hungry predators can resist.


When fish smash the Stick Master, anglers can be confident in the holding power of this bait’s heavy duty, needle sharp Mustad Onyx hooks.  With quality features like stainless steel split rings, precision tuned bills and realistic, fish-attracting body colors and patterns, the Stick Master is an investment that will pay dividends for many fishing seasons to come.

Livingston Lures Stick Master LED Lure

Livingston Lures Internals

Additional Information

Colour See Colour Chart
Lure Depth Shallow Running (floating)
Lure Length 8cm (3 inch)
Lure Weight 14gm (1/2oz)
Hooks Premium Mustad Onyx Trebles