Livingston Pro Sizzle Surface Lure LED Light

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- LED Light Tail - Electronic Injured Baitfish Sound - Advanced Rattles
- Length: 10cm - Weight: 21gm (3/4oz) - Mustad Trebles

Livingston Lures Pro Sizzle Citrus Sparkle

This premium topwater lure walks the walk.... and talks the talk.

You'll be 'walking the dog' like a pro from the very first cast, imparting that frantic, unpredicatable surface action that brings trophy fish up for a bite.

Livingston Pro Sizzle Surface Lure Colour Chart

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Tapered Body Design, Advanced Vibration & Sound Technology - Help Anglers “Stick It” To Freshwater Gamefish.


This proven fish-catching action is enhanced even further with Livingston’s proprietary internal sound chamber, featuring advanced rattles and microelectronics developed to mimic the “croaking” sound of injured baitfish (similar concept to the Hydrowave) . These rattles create high-pitched sound activated by the movement of the lure, which is detected through the lateral lines of predatory fish on the hunt for food. The Pro Sizzle features a hydrodynamic body design that imparts a dynamic “walk the dog” action that fish can’t resist — even if you’re new to top water fishing.


To further increase this top water lure’s visual appeal, the Pro Sizzle features Livingston’s exclusive Glow LED Tail, with LED lights sealed inside the rear portion of the lure. As the lure works over the water’s surface or sits at rest, these LEDs repeatedly glow and dim, alternating with the croaking noise when the lure contacts water. LED lights have long been used an attractant for saltwater predators.

Livingston Lures Pro Sizzle Colour Chart

Additional Information

Colour See Colour Chart
Lure Depth Topwater (Surface) Lure
Lure Length 10cm (4 inch)
Lure Weight 21gm (3/4oz)
Hooks Premium Mustad Onyx Trebles