Hard Body Fishing Lures

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  1. Bandit Lures 200 Deep Diver 2m

    Bandit Lures 200 Medium Diver 2m


    The Bandit Lures 200 series crankbaits are 2 inches long and run 4 to 8 feet deep. This crankbait fishing lure is primarily designed for deep water fish holding on drops or below bait schools. Great for casting parallel to steep rocky shorelines.

    The 200 series crankbaits can reach deep fish, yet present a small baitfish profile that can trigger strikes from fish not actively feeding. This lure is also very popular to troll and is dynamite on natives, particularly Yellowbelly and Murray Cod.

    Bandit Lures 200 Series

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  2. Predator Labs Raven Minnow

    Predator Labs Raven Minnow


    Raven is an ultra versatile minnow type lures that can be worked in a dizzying number of ways.
    Water is channeled via two main intake manifolds near its belly and is expelled through four outlets positioned further back towards the tail. The deadly combination of all these attributes makes the Raven one deadly weapon!

    Raven InterFlow Learn More
  3. Sebile Crankster 35 Colour Chart

    Sebile Crankster 35


    The Sebile Crankster 35 MR Medium Runner casts an incredible distance and displays an attention-attracting tight, fast wiggle with a loud yet natural swimming sound that rings the dinner bell for any hungry predator. You'll never know what's going to crash your Sebile Crankster next!

    Bream, Bass and Trout CANNOT resist this lure!

    Sebile Crankster 35 MR Depth Chart Learn More
  4. Sebile Flat Shad 54 SK

    Sebile Flatt Shad 54 SK


    Sebile Flat Shad 54mm Sinking
    The Flatt Shad Sk series works from vibration more than rattling noise. The Flatt Shad Sk's pronounced vibration is its advantage. It's wide, flat sides push an awful lot of water rapidly to the right and left, leaving a strong trail of turbulence that fish sense and will detect from afar through the water.

    Sebile Flat Shad 54 SK Specifications Learn More
  5. Sebile Koolie Minnow 76 ML

    Sebile Koolie Minnow 76 Medium Lip


    The Sebile Koolie Minnow MLs emit a nice vibration that can be felt in the rod tip. You can cover a lot of water quickly with the Koolie Minnow to attract active, aggressive fish.

    Sebile Koolie Minnow 76 ML Specifications Learn More
  6. Tyrant Tackle Dictator 6 Inch Firetiger

    Tyrant Tackle Dictator 6 Inch Surface Lure


    The Dictator is a creeper, this top water lure never leaks and never loses its buoyancy. Work the lure very slowly across the surface and just wait for the monsters of the deep to come up and smash this lure.

    At 6 inches long its the size of a small bird and has metre long Murray Cod written all over it! Probably the best action in a large surface lure, if you love Kingfisher Mantis, Jackall Pompadour and the like you will like the Tyant Dictator even more, much bigger profile, much better action, this is a serious Murray Cod Fishing Lure. Get one on your line and get a Murray Cod in the boat!

    Lure Length: 6"
    Weight: 75 grams
    Hook Size: 3/0 wide gap
    Target Murray Cod, Barramundi

    Tyrant Tackle Inc - Hook and Conquer Logo

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  7. Lindy Shadling 6cm Red Tail

    Lindy Shadling 6cm


    Designed with incredible attention to detail, the Shadling successfully emulates both the basic patterns and subtle undertones of a variety of common baitfish species. The secondary hues flash as the shadling swims and triggers savage strikes from all species of gamefish.

    The size and action of the Lindy Shadling would make it ideal for many species from Bass, Redfin, Yellow Belly and Cod right through to Mangrove Jacks.

    Length: 6cm
    Depth: 5 - 10 feet

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  8. Brad's Magnum Wiggler Black Glitter Red Tail

    Brad's Magnum Wiggler 24ft Diver


    The Brad's Wiggler series crank baits are a superb action diving/floating crank bait utilizing two piece molded construction for superior strength and durability to meet the demands from the most avid fisherman.

    Great for trolling and easy to cast, dives up to 24 ft on the troll. Used for Murray Cod, Yellowbelly, Trout, Australian Bass, Mangrove Jacks and many other species of fish.

    Many colours are UV Coated, see colour chart for details.

    Brad's Fishtales Logo Learn More
  9. DUO Ebikko TCK115

    DUO Ebikko


    DUO is a leading Japanese Fishing Lure company producing some of the most stunning lures on the market, but these don't just look good they are incredibly well designed and work on a large variety of Australia fish.

    The Ebikko is a sinking pencil in the shape of a shrimp, with solid performance and a little playful touch. Its lighter weight gives it an ideal sinking speed and an exquisite rolling action. Use it as your secret weapon when the fish just don’t seem to be biting.

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  10. GPS Spinnerbait Purple Shad

    Damiki GPS Spinnerbait 3/8oz


    The New 3/8oz Damiki GPS Spinnerbaits come in 6 colours as chosen by Damiki Pro Staffers.

    These high quality spinnerbaits feature

     - Super sharp hooks
     - Ball bearing swivels
     - Superb paint jobs
     - Trailor Keeper under the skirt hold soft plastics securely
     - Wire tied skirt holder that keeps your skirt in place all the time.

    The colours available are tried and tested and cover all conditions that you may face on the water.

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