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Tightlines UV Power Worm 7 Inch 6pk

Featuring breakthrough colours that filter light the same way that fish see yabbies, worms, minnows, fry and other baitfish, the Tight Lines UV Power Worm takes soft plastic performance to the next level.

Through extensive research Tight Lines found that fish see ultraviolet colors and respond 3-7 times better to UV colours over traditional colours. Offering innovative performance, the Tight Lines UV Ripple Power Worm is a killer soft plastic bait. The colours also never wear off because they are the same color throughout the bait - no coatings.

6 Pieces Per Pack
Mixed Colour / Combo Packs also available


What makes Tightlines Tournament Tackle so Different?

Ultimate Vision - Ultraviolet (UV) vision enhancer that is focused on the wavelength of light that Bass use the most to search out their prey, but is transparent to fishermen’s eyes.

With “Ultimate Vision” TIGHTLINES is introducing the ultimate level of professional soft plastics with their original formulation …….breakthrough colors that filter light the same way that fish see crawfish, worms, minnows, fry, and other bait fish.

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Tightlines UV Underwater Difference
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