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Tightlines UV 40 Piece Pro Kit

Tightlines UV is the dominant force in UV lures, they dominate the US market and have a Bassmaster Angler of the Year 2012 title to their name through Brent Chapman who is an avid Tightlines UV user.

This 40 piece Pro Pack includes UV Beavers, UV Hogs, UV Worms, UV Senkos, UV Craw / Yabbies, UV Trailers, UV Jerks and more!

It really is the perfect way to get started with UV plastics or to top up you soft plastic arsenal.


What makes Tightlines Tournament Tackle so Different?

Ultimate Vision - Ultraviolet (UV) vision enhancer that is focused on the wavelength of light that Bass use the most to search out their prey, but is transparent to fishermen’s eyes.

With “Ultimate Vision” TIGHTLINES is introducing the ultimate level of professional soft plastics with their original formulation …….breakthrough colors that filter light the same way that fish see crawfish, worms, minnows, fry, and other bait fish.

Tightlines UV Fishing Lures - What We See

Human eyes can't pick the Tightlines Plastics from regular plastics, but.....

Tightlines UV Fishing Lures - What The Fish See

.... fishes eyes can!

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