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Bass Assassin 5" Shad 8pk

  • Unique fat belly design
  • Belly slit for weedless rigging
  • Soft body texture for a fleshy feel
  • Fish on top or below the surface
  • Enticing tail action appeals to a variety of fish

The Shad Assassins' unique "fat belly" design draws more strikes than conventional jerkbaits. Soft body texture delivers a fleshy feel that keeps fish hanging on longer. Fish Shad Assassins on the top or below the surface, and you'll find the enticing tail action works in a variety of situations. Bass love 'em, but the Assassin is also a killer for stripers, sea trout, redfish, and other saltwater fish. The 5'' Shad Assassin features a unique slit in the belly, which allows you to fish the lure weedless and to set the hook easier. Hooking these lures through the head gives it great tail and body action. 8 pack.

8 Per Pack

The unique design of the Bass Assassin creates an erratic action that mimics the movements of a wounded or disoriented baitfish. The three-color molding process adds even more lifelike realism. P-enzyme™, a special formulation of hog lard and crawfish additives, stimulates the senses of bass and gets them to commit.
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