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Tyrant Tackle Jerk 14 Inch

The Tyrant is a Jerkbait that is a hard body lure with a rubber tail. The tail is replaceable if damaged. The Tyrant can be fished deep count it down, or jerk it like your favorite jerk baits. There is no wrong way to fish with Tyrant. The erratic movement of the tail makes it tough for muskies to resist. The Tyrant success stories are continuing to come in daily. Use our replaceable tails on all your other rubber baits. Comes in six finishes

Length: 14 Inch (not a misprint, this is a huge lure)
Weight: 240 grams
Hook Size: 4/0 wide gap

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This is a super sized lure for catching monsters either in fresh or saltwater. The tail is replaceable

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Lure Depth
Lure Length
14 Inch
Lure Weight
240 grams
4/0 Wide Gap
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