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Stinger Mustad Treble Hook 3pk

The STING’R HOOK is a lethal device designed to be attached to any jig, spinner or spoon. It is constructed with a durable 2 Inch 12# Trilene XT leader, deadly Mustad Ultra-Point treble hook and ”fast-snap” connector for quick and easy on/off use.

It gets ‘em everytime

“The STING’R HOOKS gets 'em every time! In 1987 John Peterson designed and marketed the original Sting’r Hook. Since that time, it has turned into one of our hottest sellers nationwide for one simple reason . . . they consistently put 30-50% more fish in your net! When fish are biting light, nibbling or stealing your bait, just snap one on to any jig, spinner or spoon. They really work!
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