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  1. Dynamic Lures FX Fury 20cm Swimbait
    Dynamic Lures FX Fury 20cm Swimbait

    We searched for months for the top soft plastic to target large natives and here it is. Extremely detailed design and is neutral buoyancy, combine that with a great rocking action on a slow retrieve and you have the perfect plastic for Murray Cod and Barramundi. They are built super tough and are one of the only plastics we've used that will handle catching multiple 80cm+ fish over and over without being torn apart.

    NEW COLOURS (2017 Season)

    CARP - Match the hatch with the Carp colour, perfect for Dams and Rivers where Carp are found in large numbers

    SF SPECIAL - Co-developed with the team from Social Fishing the SF Special was the standout colour in our product testing with several large cod to its name.


    Lures are sold individually, 1 lure per pack.

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  2. P-LINE Predator Minnow 6 inch Deep Diver

    Length: 6in - Hooks: VMC Trebles - Depth: up to 4m

    The P-Line Predator is a deep diving, jointed bait with an action that makes it irresistible to many species of game fish, most notably striped bass.

    Trolled at 3-mph with 30m of line, the Predator will dive up to 4m (13 feet).

    These lures will catch fish from coast to coast, in both salt and fresh water, under any conditions. The Predator features 3 counter balanced weights in the body of the lure which ensure great action and balance. The main body also has 6 hollow stainless steel BB’s which create an irresistible rattling noise, attracting fish in the murkiest of water.

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  3. Matzuo Kinchou Minnow 12cm Deep Diver 20ft

    Nothing can cover the spectrum of depths like the NEW Kinchou Minnow.

    The Kinchou Minnow mimics the nervousness of an eccentric baitfish with its curved body and incredible wide wobble!

    These baits really look like a distressed baitfish with our signature flared "bloody red" gills - a truly natural look. A perfectly balanced, arched body, with complete thru-wire construction, and a chambered body with unique high resonating stainless steel rattle bearings and super sharp Matzuo® trebles.

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  4. Livingston Pro Sizzle Surface Lure

    - LED Light Tail - Electronic Injured Baitfish Sound - Advanced Rattles
    - Length: 10cm - Weight: 21gm (3/4oz) - Mustad Trebles

    Livingston Lures Pro Sizzle Citrus Sparkle

    This premium topwater lure walks the walk.... and talks the talk.

    You'll be 'walking the dog' like a pro from the very first cast, imparting that frantic, unpredicatable surface action that brings trophy fish up for a bite.

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  5. Dynamic Lures Travado Shallow Diving Jerkbait

    Shallow Diver Jerkbait

    This short lip jerkbait is great for shallow presentations. Use this lure as a good search bait to find where those schools of fish are located. This lure can be cast or trolled with great success. With great suspending action the TraVado is a great choice to use when targeting Snapper, Trout, Flathead, Jewfish, Murray Cod, Barramundi.

    Great for trolling, even at high speeds this lure does not burn out like other jerkbaits have the tendency to do.

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  6. Braid Sea Fox Squid Jigs Midnight Colour

    Size: 2.25oz (65gm)

    Nose and dorsal tie-on points let you fish it several different ways. Jig and bounce it along the bottom for offshore snapper kingfish. A wide variety of weight options let you do it all; choose lighter weights for shallow water and heavier weights for offshore.

    Detailed finish for a lifelike look with a luminescent basecoat that glows

    The Sea Fox jigs can be fished 3 different ways, depending upon where the angler connects his line to the jig. They can be either trolled, cast, or jigged for bottom fishing applications, giving these jigs tremendous versatility.

    Braid Products - Sea Fox Squid Jig Range Learn More
  7. Braid Thumper Squid Jigs Dorado

    Size: 3oz (85gm)

    The Braid Thumper Squid Jigs have been carefully designed to be fished in a wide variety of water depths and for a wide variety of fish, for both inshore and offshore situations.

    Detailed finish for a lifelike look with a luminescent basecoat that glows

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  8. P-Line Laser Minnow Blue Mackerel

    Size: 4oz (120gm)

    The P-Line Laser Minnow is manufactured with a unique holographic laser tape, creating an amazingly life-like finish. The oblong shape and sharp cuts on the side allow for an erratic action when jigged.

    This action will trigger strikes from a number of species. The smaller sized Laser Minnows are effective in fresh water for Bass, Trout, and Salmon, the larger sizes are effective on Tuna, Salmon, Tailor, Snapper, Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel, Larger Trout.

    P-Line Laser Minnow Learn More
  9. Stinky Fingers Twitchin Shad

    One of our proudest baits is the Twitching Shad. With its sporadic darting action, life like details and amazing scent release, this bait is a sure bet.

    Sponge Bait Technology Stinky Fingers Bait Company has created a revolutionary design like nothing else on the market - SPONGE BAIT - A sponge encapsulated inside the plastic bait. Specially designed chambers dispense potent attractant giving you cast after cast of scent that fish can’t resist! Fish smell our scent, lock in, hit hard and won’t let go!

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