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Estuary Fishing Lures for species like Flathead & Jews

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  1. Livingston Pro Ripper Lipless Crankbait

    - Electronic Injures Baitfish Sound - Advanced Rattles - Slow Sinking
    - Length: 5cm - Weight: 11gm (2/5oz) - Mustad Trebles

    Livingston Lures Pro Ripper Lipless Crankbait

    Livingston Pro Ripper lipless shallow-running crankbait employs an exclusive combination of swimming action, specially chosen color patterns and underwater sound to get these and other popular gamefish to bite. This new slow-sinking lure features an innovative lipless body design to impart a seductive wobbling action over a range of retrieve speeds - from slow stop-and-go crawl to full-on burn. With such a seductive action at any speed fish simply don't stand a chance

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  2. Livingston Divemaster DM14 L.E.D Deep Diver

    LED Fire Eyes - Advanced Rattle System - Electronic Sound Chamber
    Dives to 14 feet - 17g (5/8oz) - 3in Length

    Livingston Lures Divermaster 14 LED Fire Eye Lure

    The future in fishing is here now!

    When fish are holding down in the water column, the long, precision tuned bill of the 3-inch Divemaster DM14 gets this lure into the deep, dark waters where trophy fish search for prey.

    At the heart of the Divemaster’s fish-catching success is a propriety sound chamber designed to “call” fish with a exclusive combination of technologies: advanced, vibration producing rattles activated by the lure’s swimming action and internal microelectronics that simulate the natural “croaking” noises of distressed baitfish.

    Both the DM14 and DM20 also feature the additional visual trigger of internal red LED lights in the crankbaits’ eyes that fade in and fade out in an alternating cadence with the electronic croaking.

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  3. D.O.A 4in Shrimp 3pk Watermelon

    DOA Shrimp Lures have successfully fooled almost every species of fish that feed on live shrimp.

    DOA fishing lures are developed by hard-core fishermen, and offer you an unfair advantage. All of DOA lures are made of soft plastic and impregnated with farm grown shrimp to resemble real shrimp, crabs, and a variety of bait fish.

    DOA The Unfair Advantage

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  4. Matzuo Binate Finesse Floating Lure 9cm

    Binate Finesse - The Binate is a shallow runner bait.

    The Binate's conjoined sections create a perfect swimming action when retrieved in the water. A versatile bait, no matter how fast or slow you retrieve it. At rest, the Binate floats like a live resting fish.

    Matzuo America

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  5. Mikes Lunker Lotion

    Fish See It! Fish Smell It! Fish Strike It!

    Lunker Lotion has quickly become a favorite among anglers and guides...and for good helps catch more fish! Special blend of concentrated scents, flavors, amino acids and neon colors combined with our super sticky formula makes this a must have for all anglers.

    Holds on lures and baits longer, resulting in more aggressive strikes and more fish. Apply directly to any lure or bait and out-fish everyone in the boat. Choose from variety of special blends to target fish of your choice.

    Be Prepared to Catch More Fish!

    120ml Flip-top Bottle

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  6. Dynamic Lures HD Vibe Ice 5cm

    Vertical Vibe Lure: 

    Dynamic Lures has produced one of the most versatile Fishing Lures on the market.

    With its hollow construction, we were able to create the perfect combination of sound and action that anglers depend on to nail the trophy fish.

    This vertical jigging lure was created specially for trout and other small to medium sized fish. If you are looking for an advantage on the water, look no further than the HD Ice.

    Design and Action:

    The HD Ice has a deep body at the head of the bait and a thinner tapering profile closer to the tail. The belly is slim from the gill plate back but the main body and head are wider giving it a larger profile when the fish see it from below. From the eye (tie point) to the tail, this bait has a v shape along the top which makes the lure shimmer and wobble more erratically during lift and fall.

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  7. Ecogear ZX35 Prawn Blade Bait Fishing Lure
    - 35mm in length - 5 grams - Tournament winning lure - Vibration style lure - 10 seductive colours - Target the whole water column - Versatile lure - Fresh or Saltwater Learn More
  8. Dynamic Lures Travado Shallow Diving Jerkbait

    Shallow Diver Jerkbait

    This short lip jerkbait is great for shallow presentations. Use this lure as a good search bait to find where those schools of fish are located. This lure can be cast or trolled with great success. With great suspending action the TraVado is a great choice to use when targeting Snapper, Trout, Flathead, Jewfish, Murray Cod, Barramundi.

    Great for trolling, even at high speeds this lure does not burn out like other jerkbaits have the tendency to do.

    Dynamic Lures TraVado Shallow Diving Jerkbait Learn More
  9. Sebile Flat Shad 54 SK

    Sebile Flat Shad 54mm Sinking
    The Flatt Shad Sk series works from vibration more than rattling noise. The Flatt Shad Sk's pronounced vibration is its advantage. It's wide, flat sides push an awful lot of water rapidly to the right and left, leaving a strong trail of turbulence that fish sense and will detect from afar through the water.

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