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Estuary Fishing Lures for species like Flathead & Jews

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  1. SPRO Squid Tail Jig

    SPRO Squid Tails

    The SPRO Squid Tail was designed to mimic all sorts of prey including baitfish and squid. The lifelike action of the soft plastic squid tail really attracts all types of game fish.

    The SPRO Squid Tails come in many different weights and colors for just about any fishing situation.

    SPRO Squid tails also feature a custom designed Gamakatsu 3x strong hook for sharpness, strength, and durability.

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  2. Ecogear Marukyu Crabs Green

    Marukyu artifical crabs are easy to use, biodegradable and packed full of 6X strength fish attracting amino acid scent. The Marukyu Crab can be fished lightly weighted, drifting it in and around the structure or use a jighead rigged from the back to give it a genuine backward crab action.

    Size: Large 20mm (1 Pack : 8 per pack)

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  3. Bette Halo Shrimp Pink

    3 Per Pack

    - Shimmers, shines, and reflects
    - Descends slowly, maintains a horizontal position
    - Shrimp scented attractant.

    Halo-Graphic finish shimmers, shines, and reflects all images. Designed to descend slowly, maintaining a horizontal position.

    Rigged with a 2/0 hook. Shrimp scented.
    Length: 3 Inch.
    Weight: 1/4 oz.

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  4. Dynamic Lures J-Spec Brown Trout

    This 3″ jerkbait is great for shallow presentations. Use as a good search bait to find where those schools of fish are located. With a great erratic action, this bait triggers aggressive bites.

    This lure can be cast or trolled with great success. With great suspending action the J-Spec is a great choice to use when targeting estuary and freshwater natives. Small enough for trout and bream and big enough for Yellow Belly and Murray Cod, this is a very versatile lure.

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  5. Egret Shrimp 3 Inch

    Cast a spell on them with a Vudu Shrimp! Made from the same material tennis shoe soles are made of. It's tough as hell. We've caught as many as 50 fish on one bait!

    Great action in the water and on the drop, will catch the attention of any fish looking for a feed of prawn and freshwater shrimp.

    2 Pre-rigged Shrimps Per Pack

    Size: 3.25 inches long and weights 1/8 oz

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  6. Luck-E-Strike

    Handpicked by 4-time Bassmaster Classic Champion, Rick Clunn, the Luck E Strike Rick Clunn Square Bill Crankbaits are quality lures that consistently produce regardless of the fads that come and go in fishing.

    Natives will always chase baitfish, and the Rick Clunn Square Bill Crankbaits deliver a realistic, silent (no-rattles) presentation second-to-none in shallow waters.

    Available in an array of proven colors, Rick Clunn also wanted to offer the Luck E Strike Rick Clunn Square Bill Crankbait at a price that the everyday angler could afford and justify spending.

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  7. Lindy Shadling 6cm Red Tail

    Designed with incredible attention to detail, the Shadling successfully emulates both the basic patterns and subtle undertones of a variety of common baitfish species. The secondary hues flash as the shadling swims and triggers savage strikes from all species of gamefish.

    The size and action of the Lindy Shadling would make it ideal for many species from Bass, Redfin, Yellow Belly and Cod right through to Mangrove Jacks.

    Length: 6cm
    Depth: 5 - 10 feet

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  8. Sebile Koolie Minnow 76 ML

    The Sebile Koolie Minnow MLs emit a nice vibration that can be felt in the rod tip. You can cover a lot of water quickly with the Koolie Minnow to attract active, aggressive fish.

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  9. Livingston Dive Master Jr Shallow Crankbait

    - Electronic Injures Baitfish Sound - Advanced Rattles - Slow Sinking
    - Length: 5cm - Weight: 11gm (2/5oz) - Mustad Trebles

    Livingston Lures Diver Master Jr

     The Livingston Dive Master Jr. crankbait features a combination of visual, sound and vibration to attract fish, with both advanced internal rattles and electronic baitfish sound.

    At 2.2" long and 2/5-oz., this floating crankbait is designed to swim from the surface down to about 4 feet, making it ideal for working over the shallows with a steady grind or “twitch-and-go” retrieve. 

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