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  1. Challenger Minnow Nuclear Green

    Vigorous action and lifelike finish makes these lures irresistible to large game fish like Barramundi. Whether trolling or casting, the bite is on when you use a Challenger Lure.

    You won't catch many pros without a jerkbait rigged, no matter the season.

    That's because the minnow imitator is well known as one of the single most versatile baits.

    Challenger Minnow is the best of the best when it comes to replicating a life- like swimming action.

    With a tight wiggle and castable design, the Challenger Minnow is deadly on fish like Barra & Jacks.

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  2. Dynamic Lures Travado Shallow Diving Jerkbait

    Shallow Diver Jerkbait

    This short lip jerkbait is great for shallow presentations. Use this lure as a good search bait to find where those schools of fish are located. This lure can be cast or trolled with great success. With great suspending action the TraVado is a great choice to use when targeting Snapper, Trout, Flathead, Jewfish, Murray Cod, Barramundi.

    Great for trolling, even at high speeds this lure does not burn out like other jerkbaits have the tendency to do.

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  3. Dynamic Lures HD Trout

    This amazing lure gained its popularity from the small profile and amazing action it encompasses.

    No other small crankbait has this great combination of casting distance, swimming action, maneuverability, and real-life like profile.

    Originally made specifically for trout and small fish like Bream and Bass, anglers soon found out that there isn’t a fish that this lure will not catch. One of the great features of its design is that it works great in high current situations like Rivers, Streams, and Creeks, but also in non current situations like Lakes, Reservoirs, and Ponds.

    You will be amazed at the response you will get from the action you feel in your rod tip when swimming this small lure.

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  4. Ecogear SX 40F
    - Origin: Japan - Owner Treble Hooks - Designer: Takayoshi Orimoto with Australian Pro Staff influences. - Lure Type: Floating / Diving - Weight: 2.5g - Body Length: 40mm - Depth Range: 1m to 1.5m - Action: “Tight Shimmy” with a slight body roll Learn More
  5. Dynamic Lures HD XXL
    Jerkbait with Custom Weight System:

    This innovative jerkbait is unlike you’ve ever seen. Now you have the option to easily change the internal weight of the lure to suit your fishing application.

    Make the lure a floater, a sinker, or fine-tune it for the perfect suspending action. Its as easy as adding bb’s of weight to the custom built chamber in the lure. You can access this chamber from the top of the lure.

    BB Weight System

    With no BB's in, it floats well, and has a very wide wobble for such a narrow profile. With two BB's, it floats, but tended to sit nose-down. As BB's are added, the wobble decreases, but is still good and wide.

    With all eight BB's, it sank at about a half-foot per second. Interestingly, while fooling around with it, I noticed that it will actually sit nose-down on the bottom, sort of sitting on the front lip and the front treble, with the tail about an inch off of the bottom.

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  6. Damiki DTSCO Crank Bait

    The DTSCO (Ditisco) is a 40mm crank that is easy to cast and very easy to use . At 5.8 grams in weight this floating crank dives to between 80cm and 1 metre. The DTSCO Crank comes in 9 colours, including the UV reactive colour Ghost Tiger Shell which is great in low light conditions.

    Length: 4 cm Weight: 5.8 gram Depth: 2-3 feet

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  7. Pontoon 21 Crackjack 48SP DR Diving Minnow

    Incorporating the Pontoon21 MFB (Magnetic Force Balance) system and the aerodynamic body design the CrackJack is able to achieve great casting distances and even better accuracy.

    The MFB system works by a small internal ball moving to the tail of the lure when cast, allowing for maximum distance. Once the lure lands, the ball returns to the magnet at the head of the lure creating a perfectly balanced presentation.

    Equipped with Owner treble hooks and currently available in six great colour patterns this suspending lure will account for a wide range of species in fresh, salt and estuary waters.

    CrackJack 38SP-DR Length = 38мм Weight = 2.6 g Depth = 1.0-1.4 м

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  8. Damiki Saemi 50SP Colour Chart

    Length: 5cm - Weight: 4.5 grams - Depth: 1-2m

    The Saemi 50SP is a great versatile lure, its tight wiggling action works at the slowest retrieves and is perfect for depths up to 1.5metres.

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  9. Matzuo Nano Crickhopper

    The Nano Hopper looks and acts like a small grasshopper with shallow applications. The crickhopper displays the characteristics of the real thing and can be used as a top water lure or as a crankbait.

    Perfect for cod, trout, yellowbelly, and redfin fishing.

    Matzuo Nano Crickhopper

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