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Sebile D&S Crank 70

The D&S Crank is a completely unique hardbody lure, 70mm long and dives to an incredible 8m. A wide Gape Single, super strong hook is mounted internally on a strong pivot point. The Lure's body features 3 separate internal rattle chambers that creates a unique harmonic sound. The D&S Crank's features, and snagless design are sure to make it a huge success on the Australian Scene.

D & S Crank 8m Deep Diver 70mm

Sebile D&S Crank 70mm

Unique features:

 - The D&S Crank can be cast or trolled and will reach a depth of 8m when trolled.
 - The single pivot hook means that a hooked fish simply cannot escape, and it also means that releasing fish is very easy.
 - The single rear hooks provides an excellent hookup rate, and means that once hooked, the fish cannot escape.
 - Fish it through timber, weeds or any obstacles for the ultimate snagless deep diver.
 - The lure is also weighted to cast like a bullet, and is incredibly aerodynamic.

Target Species

Murray Cod, Yellowbelly, Bass, Barramundi, Flathead, Mangrove Jacks, Fingermark. Basically any fish that loves structure and you need to go deep to catch. Diver to 8m
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Lure Depth
Lure Length
Lure Weight
25 gm
Single Wide Gap Pivot Hook
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