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Sebile Crankster 35

The Sebile Crankster 35 MR Medium Runner casts an incredible distance and displays an attention-attracting tight, fast wiggle with a loud yet natural swimming sound that rings the dinner bell for any hungry predator. You'll never know what's going to crash your Sebile Crankster next!

Bream, Bass and Trout CANNOT resist this lure!

Sebile Crankster 35 MR Depth Chart

You will be astonished by the Crankster's remarkable distance casting ability. Most crankbaits are not aerodynamic. Many will often spin and stall in mid-air. Yet the Sebile Crankster MR, the first time you try it, you will see it casts like a rocket. The reason is it contains a heavy tungsten bead inside. When you cast, the bead which is 60% of the lure's weight moves to the tail for long distance and accurate casts.

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Pro Tips

- Pin point accuracy!!! When casted the tungsten bead which is 60% of the lures weight moves into the tail, this makes for unparalleled castability even in windy conditions

- Excellent snag resistance, a sharp jerk and the unique square lip will get the lure deflecting wide off snags, or simply pause and float it away

- Very loud realistic lure with a tight wiggle that can also be twitched too with a very erratic motion which proves to be irresistible

More Information
See Colour Chart
Lure Depth
< 1m
Lure Length
Lure Weight
3 gm
2 X Trebles
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