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Savage Gear 3D Topwater Suicide Duck 15cm

The Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck Lure - 15cm is designed for targeting large fish on the surface. This lure mimics a real life fleeing duck. This lure is equipped with spinning feet that throw water and every direction. This attracts big game fish from far distances. This lure is rigged with top and bottom hook configuration. The perfect set up for an angler to customize their bait for many fishing conditions

Savage Gear Suicide Duck Features:

  • 3D scanned Detail
  • 2 action styles
  • Plopping and Splashing Feet
  • Great Top water action
  • Back hook/Weedless option
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Lure Depth
Lure Length
15 cm
Lure Weight
2-3/4 oz
2 X Trebles
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