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Predator Labs Shrimp

The Predator Labs Shrimp is a deep diving crankbait that has been designed to create the ultimate fusion of form and function. Water enters through four intake manifolds located along its ridge and is expelled via three apertures strategically positioned on its carapace, The jets of water generated from these nozzles replicate the pressure waves created by the flicking tail of a retreating shrimp, kicking the fish’s instinct to strike into overdrive.

Interflow Technology
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The Predator Labs Shimp's steep diving angle allows it to reach its maximum depth rapidly to target fish residing in deeper waters. Its exaggerated contours and swimming action is engineered to created maximum visual impact on predatory fish.

Shrimp will float towards the surface at a steep incline, as the area of highest buoyancy is located at its carapace. This characteristic together with its sharp angle of attack when swimming at its maximum diving depth greatly reduces risks of snagging.

Swimming Action
The exterior profile and internal construction dictates the action of the lure. To integrate the intake and exit manifolds and water channels onto the lures to amplify its presence while retaining the desired swimming action is an incredibly arduous task. Our relentless pursuit for perfection is clearly visible the moment one lay eyes on our lures moving through water. The best description would be “Art In Motion”.

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Lure Depth
3 m
Lure Length
9 cm
Lure Weight
20 gm
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