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Medium Diving Fishing Lures

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  1. Matzuo Zen Snappy Minnow 11cm Suspending Minnow

    The Zen Snappy Minnow suspending bait gives the angler the best of both worlds.

    It will dive 4 - 8 feet and suspend at the depth you choose. Great swimming action is also perfect for trolling too. The Snappy Minnow is available in both highly reflective prism and matte finishes.

    Matzuo Nano Crickhopper

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  2. Matzuo Kinchou Minnow 12cm Deep Diver 20ft

    Nothing can cover the spectrum of depths like the NEW Kinchou Minnow.

    The Kinchou Minnow mimics the nervousness of an eccentric baitfish with its curved body and incredible wide wobble!

    These baits really look like a distressed baitfish with our signature flared "bloody red" gills - a truly natural look. A perfectly balanced, arched body, with complete thru-wire construction, and a chambered body with unique high resonating stainless steel rattle bearings and super sharp Matzuo® trebles.

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  3. Livingston Divemaster DM14 L.E.D Deep Diver

    LED Fire Eyes - Advanced Rattle System - Electronic Sound Chamber
    Dives to 14 feet - 17g (5/8oz) - 3in Length

    Livingston Lures Divermaster 14 LED Fire Eye Lure

    The future in fishing is here now!

    When fish are holding down in the water column, the long, precision tuned bill of the 3-inch Divemaster DM14 gets this lure into the deep, dark waters where trophy fish search for prey.

    At the heart of the Divemaster’s fish-catching success is a propriety sound chamber designed to “call” fish with a exclusive combination of technologies: advanced, vibration producing rattles activated by the lure’s swimming action and internal microelectronics that simulate the natural “croaking” noises of distressed baitfish.

    Both the DM14 and DM20 also feature the additional visual trigger of internal red LED lights in the crankbaits’ eyes that fade in and fade out in an alternating cadence with the electronic croaking.

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  4. Dynamic Lures Travado Shallow Diving Jerkbait

    Shallow Diver Jerkbait

    This short lip jerkbait is great for shallow presentations. Use this lure as a good search bait to find where those schools of fish are located. This lure can be cast or trolled with great success. With great suspending action the TraVado is a great choice to use when targeting Snapper, Trout, Flathead, Jewfish, Murray Cod, Barramundi.

    Great for trolling, even at high speeds this lure does not burn out like other jerkbaits have the tendency to do.

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  5. Bandit Lures 200 Deep Diver 2m

    The Bandit Lures 200 series crankbaits are 2 inches long and run 4 to 8 feet deep. This crankbait fishing lure is primarily designed for deep water fish holding on drops or below bait schools. Great for casting parallel to steep rocky shorelines.

    The 200 series crankbaits can reach deep fish, yet present a small baitfish profile that can trigger strikes from fish not actively feeding. This lure is also very popular to troll and is dynamite on natives, particularly Yellowbelly and Murray Cod.

    Bandit Lures 200 Series

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  6. Livingston Howeller Dream Master Classic

    This is the lure that won the 2014 Bassmaster Classic and US$300,000.00 in prize money for Randy Howell

    Ideal for targeting medium-depth structures and finding strike zones a shallow diver can't reach, this crankbait features a compact shape with a wide wobble.

     - Rounded bilL
     - 8ft - 10ft diver
     - Float action 5/8 ounce
     - 2.5 inches
     - 200 hour battery life

    * VERY IMPORTANT! To ensure longer battery life, dry and store your Livingston Lure in a secure place after removing it from the water.

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