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Livingston Pro Ripper Lipless Crankbait

- Electronic Injures Baitfish Sound - Advanced Rattles - Slow Sinking
- Length: 5cm - Weight: 11gm (2/5oz) - Mustad Trebles

Livingston Lures Pro Ripper Lipless Crankbait

Livingston Pro Ripper lipless shallow-running crankbait employs an exclusive combination of swimming action, specially chosen color patterns and underwater sound to get these and other popular gamefish to bite. This new slow-sinking lure features an innovative lipless body design to impart a seductive wobbling action over a range of retrieve speeds - from slow stop-and-go crawl to full-on burn. With such a seductive action at any speed fish simply don't stand a chance

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Exclusive Design Uses Swimming Action and Water Activated Sound Technology to Attract Fish Throughout the Water Column.

The new Pro Ripper crankbait from Livingston Lures features a proven lipless body shape to impart a seductive wobbling action over a range of retrieve speeds, while its slow-sinking design lets freshwater anglers work all areas of the water column.

Beyond these prototypical features, however, the new Pro Ripper has little in common with "ordinary" lipless crankbaits. At the heart of this new lure's effectiveness is Livingston's proprietary internal sound chamber, developed to emit fish-attracting sonic signals in two ways. This chamber includes advanced rattles designed to create high-pitched vibrations with each movement of this highly active crankbait. It also features built-in microelectronics that generate subtle "croaking" sounds, imitating the natural noises made by injured or stressed baitfish.

This unique design ensures that Pro Ripper is always attracting fish with underwater sound and vibration - primary sensory triggers picked up through a predator's lateral line - even as the lure is sinking through the water column. The fact that this lure is always working adds to the versatility of this slow sinking bait. Anglers can cast out Pro Ripper and sink it to effectively work any depth - from just under the surface to the bottom and anywhere in between.

"This lure is especially effective when you sink it down on top of grass beds and then rip it up off of them, causing a commotion the whole way," said avid angler and lure inventor Robert Castaneda. "When this lure is sitting still on the bed it's making its injured baitfish sound, and when you rip it off fish just pounce on it. That's how it earned the name Pro Ripper." he added.

Livingston Lures Internals

Livingston Lures Pro Ripper Lipless Crankbait

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Lure Depth
Slow Sinking
Lure Length
5cm (2.2 inch)
Lure Weight
11gm (2/5oz)
Premium Mustad Onyx Trebles
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