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Lindy Shadling 6cm

Designed with incredible attention to detail, the Shadling successfully emulates both the basic patterns and subtle undertones of a variety of common baitfish species. The secondary hues flash as the shadling swims and triggers savage strikes from all species of gamefish.

The size and action of the Lindy Shadling would make it ideal for many species from Bass, Redfin, Yellow Belly and Cod right through to Mangrove Jacks.

Length: 6cm
Depth: 5 - 10 feet


With natural colour patterns and ultra-realistic holographic eyes and predators don't mistake the Shadling for anything other than real prey.

Lindy's cutting edge pull-point technology ensures the Shadling will track true out of the package every time. The Shadling's tight, wiggling action does not need to be tuned and will reliably perform at the highest trolling speeds needed for gamefish.

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See Colour Chart
Lure Depth
up to 3 m
Lure Length
6 cm
Lure Weight
12 gm (7/16oz)
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