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Krocodile Spoons 1/4oz

Lure Jensen's Krocodile Spoons are very versatile, multi-species spoons that are perfect for any fish on the lookout for a flashing, wobbling meal.

The Krocodile Spoon's narrow shape and heavyweight design works to create a bold combination of thumping vibration and flashing attraction. Krocodile Spoons are stamped and formed from solid brass, buffed and then plated with corrosion-resistant chrome making them suitable for both fresh and saltwater applications.

Sizes 1/6 oz. through 5/8 oz. are rigged with split rings, swivel, a Red magic flipper tail, and an extra Siwash hook in the package. Sizes 3/4 oz. and larger are rigged with welded rings, swivel, and treble hook.

Can be cast, trolled or user with a downrigger / diving sinker.

Luhr Jensen Krocodile Spoons

Perfect for a wide variety of species from Trout right through to Tuna.
- Versatile, multi-species minnow design
- Heavy-duty construction
- Corrosion-resistant finishes

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Lure Depth
Variable Sinking
Lure Length
5cm (2 inch)
Lure Weight
7 gram (1/4oz)
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