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Ecogear SX 40LC

- Origin: Japan - Owner Treble Hooks - Designer: Takayoshi Orimoto with Australian Pro Staff influences. - Lure Type: Floating / Diving - Weight: 2.6g - Body Length: 40mm - Depth Range: 1m to 1.5m - Action: “Tight Shimmy” with a slight body roll


This tight action and slow floating buoyancy in saltwater allow the angler to work the lure over a range of structure and areas to attract and hook even the most timid of fish.

Despite only weighing 2.6 grams, the SX40 casts like a dream. It’s hard to find a small lure that casts well in most conditions, but the SX40 goes against the grain. This is mainly thanks to well-designed internal weighting system.

One of the most popular bream lures on the ABT bream circuit. A must have for any serious bream fisher!!!

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Lure Depth
Lure Length
40 mm
Lure Weight
2.6 gram
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