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Dynamic Lures HD XXL 12cm

Jerkbait with Custom Weight System:

This innovative jerkbait is unlike you’ve ever seen. Now you have the option to easily change the internal weight of the lure to suit your fishing application.

Make the lure a floater, a sinker, or fine-tune it for the perfect suspending action. Its as easy as adding bb’s of weight to the custom built chamber in the lure. You can access this chamber from the top of the lure.

BB Weight System

With no BB's in, it floats well, and has a very wide wobble for such a narrow profile. With two BB's, it floats, but tended to sit nose-down. As BB's are added, the wobble decreases, but is still good and wide.

With all eight BB's, it sank at about a half-foot per second. Interestingly, while fooling around with it, I noticed that it will actually sit nose-down on the bottom, sort of sitting on the front lip and the front treble, with the tail about an inch off of the bottom.


Length: 12cm

Weight: 20gm

Depth: Custom Weight System

Dynamic Lures HD XXL In Action!

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