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Dynamic Lures HD Vibe Ice 5cm

Vertical Vibe Lure: 

Dynamic Lures has produced one of the most versatile Fishing Lures on the market.

With its hollow construction, we were able to create the perfect combination of sound and action that anglers depend on to nail the trophy fish.

This vertical jigging lure was created specially for trout and other small to medium sized fish. If you are looking for an advantage on the water, look no further than the HD Ice.

Design and Action:

The HD Ice has a deep body at the head of the bait and a thinner tapering profile closer to the tail. The belly is slim from the gill plate back but the main body and head are wider giving it a larger profile when the fish see it from below. From the eye (tie point) to the tail, this bait has a v shape along the top which makes the lure shimmer and wobble more erratically during lift and fall.


Length: 2" (5cm)

Weight: 2/10oz (6gm)

Depth: Sinking

HD Ice Vibe In Action!

More Information
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Lure Depth
Lure Length
5cm (2")
Lure Weight
6gm (2/10oz)
2 X Trebles
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