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DUO Lures Realis Crankbait G87 20A

Duo Lures Crank G87 Fishing Lure - at the forefront of deep-diving technology lives the Duo G87. Painstakingly developed over 2-years, the Duo Realis Crankbait G87 20A is made with a serious understanding of aero-dynamics, hydro-dynamics, materials and components, which allows it to reach depths of over 20-feet with minimal resistance and perfect balance.

Getting you down deep and quickly will keep you in the strike zone for longer giving you more chance of hooking up!

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The 20A's body is approximately 3 inches in length and weighs at 35 grams (1-1/5 oz), with a heavy weight appearance you would think heavy resistance and heavy line tension (during the retrieve) would be apparent traits but it's the opposite. DUO Lures was able to reduce hydrodynamic drag from the bait. DUO Liures was seeking to create a fishing lure that could be pushed distance and driven deep into the darkest abyss without a hint of labour.

Featuring an advanced Neodymium magnetic weight transfer system, the Duo Realis Crankbait G87 20A digs down into the abyss quickly to give anglers the longest possible time in the strike zone.

A true pinnacle of lure engineering, the Duo Realis Crankbait G87 20A cuts through the air just as easily as it moves through water and consistently delivers 200ft-plus casts with 12lb fishing line.

Available in a number of highly developed colors, the Duo Realis Crankbait G87 20A offers one of the most technologically advanced and well thought-out crankbait designs to ever hit the market.

This lure is a top performer on everything from Barramundi, Mangrove Jacks in the north right through to Murray Cod and Yellow Belly down south, this fishing lure needs to be in your tackle box, even better, grab one of each colour!

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See Colour Chart
Lure Depth
20 feet +
Lure Length
3.5 Inch / 8.7cm
Lure Weight
35 gram (1-1/5 oz)
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