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DUO Tide Vib Score

DUO Tide Vib Score - Hard Body / Vibration Hybrid

DUO is a leading Japanese Fishing Lure company producing some of the most stunning lures on the market, but these don't just look good they are incredibly well designed and work on a large variety of Australia fish.

TV Score is the pioneering hybrid blade offering clear colours in its range opening a completely new range of options for anglers. Works with slow, fast and jig retrieves making it a super versatile lure. The Tide Vib Score lure also features a full body wire construction meaning it will take any amount of treatment and still deliver trophy fish.


An innovative lure that combines the best from both hardbody and metal lures, the Tide Vib Score 78 is available in a variety of colours to open up lots of new fishing opportunities for anglers.
You can retrieve it slow or fast, jig it, or choose your target by connecting to two different tow points on the lure for using different retrieves and techniques.

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