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DUO Realis Vib 52

Vibration model for finesse approach

DUO is a leading Japanese Fishing Lure company producing some of the most stunning lures on the market, but these don't just look good they are incredibly well designed and work on a large variety of Australia fish.

It responds to various combinations of rod work, has a sharp lift and falling action, and is very stable during slow to fast retrieval. The fast swimming initiation after contact with the water or contact with weedy structures is unique to the flat shape and the highly dense design of the Realis Vibration.

This lure is dynamite for Bream, Bass, Yellow Belly, Redfin and many others



With a tight pulsating vibration the Duo Realis Vib 52 doesn’t lose balance at super high speed retrieval and has a stable response. It also triggers a “reaction bite” when an angler tries to jerks the lure off a snag. The reeling stress has also been greatly minimized.


By aerodynamically designing the stomach area, it has stabilized its flight posture resulting in an improved casting ability. With this one will be able to efficiently search a large area.

Sound / Vibration

It creates a violent rattle sound unimaginable from the thin body. We have increased this characteristic by utilizing our original blend of hard resin for those lures which are not clear bodied.

DUO Realis Vib 52

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