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Thumper Squid Jigs 3oz

Size: 3oz (85gm)

The Braid Thumper Squid Jigs have been carefully designed to be fished in a wide variety of water depths and for a wide variety of fish, for both inshore and offshore situations.

Detailed finish for a lifelike look with a luminescent basecoat that glows

Braid Products Thumper Squid Jig

Braid Thumper Squid Jigs are perfect for all bottom-fishing applications inshore & offshore, depending on water depth.

- First choice for trolling and jigging
- Super flash life-like action
- Holographic and glow in the dark
- Quick hook change design
- Rigged with a pair of Braid assist hooks
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3 oz (85 grams)
Extended assist hooks
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