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Sea Fox Squid Jigs 2oz

Size: 2.25oz (65gm)

Nose and dorsal tie-on points let you fish it several different ways. Jig and bounce it along the bottom for offshore snapper kingfish. A wide variety of weight options let you do it all; choose lighter weights for shallow water and heavier weights for offshore.

Detailed finish for a lifelike look with a luminescent basecoat that glows

The Sea Fox jigs can be fished 3 different ways, depending upon where the angler connects his line to the jig. They can be either trolled, cast, or jigged for bottom fishing applications, giving these jigs tremendous versatility.

Braid Products - Sea Fox Squid Jig Range
- First choice for trolling and jigging
- Super flash life-like action
- Large 3D eyes
- Holographic and glow in the dark
- Quick hook change design
- Rigged with a pair of Braid assist hooks
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2.25 oz (65 grams)
Extended assist hooks
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