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  1. Leland's Lures Trout Magnet Crank 2.5"

    The Leland's Lures Trout Magnet Crank is designed specifically for trout. This crank bait combines a long, slender body design, species specific colors and internal rattles, perfect for catching trout. These small lures are evenly weighted so you can fish the proper feeding depth with the unique "stop & go" action.

    For best results us a jerk bait type action. The 2.5" Trout Cranks run 2-4 ft deep.

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  2. Dynamic Lures HD Trout

    This amazing lure gained its popularity from the small profile and amazing action it encompasses.

    No other small crankbait has this great combination of casting distance, swimming action, maneuverability, and real-life like profile.

    Originally made specifically for trout and small fish like Bream and Bass, anglers soon found out that there isn’t a fish that this lure will not catch. One of the great features of its design is that it works great in high current situations like Rivers, Streams, and Creeks, but also in non current situations like Lakes, Reservoirs, and Ponds.

    You will be amazed at the response you will get from the action you feel in your rod tip when swimming this small lure.

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  3. DUO Lures Realis Crankbait G87 20A Chartruese Gill

    Duo Lures Crank G87 Fishing Lure - at the forefront of deep-diving technology lives the Duo G87. Painstakingly developed over 2-years, the Duo Realis Crankbait G87 20A is made with a serious understanding of aero-dynamics, hydro-dynamics, materials and components, which allows it to reach depths of over 20-feet with minimal resistance and perfect balance.

    Getting you down deep and quickly will keep you in the strike zone for longer giving you more chance of hooking up!

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  4. Ecogear SX 40LC
    - Origin: Japan - Owner Treble Hooks - Designer: Takayoshi Orimoto with Australian Pro Staff influences. - Lure Type: Floating / Diving - Weight: 2.6g - Body Length: 40mm - Depth Range: 1m to 1.5m - Action: “Tight Shimmy” with a slight body roll Learn More
  5. SPRO Bronzeye Junior 60 Frog Lure

    The word is out on the Dean Rojas Signature Series SPRO Bronzeye Frog65 which was winner of the "Best of Show Soft Bait" category at ICAST. Now SPRO has developed a more compact version of this award winning bait.

    The Rojas Signature Series Bronzeye Jr! It has a real attitude and is a leaner, meaner version of its big brother. The body has been redesigned to maximize the hook-up ratio and these smaller frogs come standard with a new Gamakatsu Superline 3/0 EWG Double hook.

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  6. Sebile D&S Crank 70

    The D&S Crank is a completely unique hardbody lure, 70mm long and dives to an incredible 8m. A wide Gape Single, super strong hook is mounted internally on a strong pivot point. The Lure's body features 3 separate internal rattle chambers that creates a unique harmonic sound. The D&S Crank's features, and snagless design are sure to make it a huge success on the Australian Scene.

    D & S Crank 8m Deep Diver 70mm Learn More
  7. Livingston Pro Sizzle Surface Lure Chicken Bubblegum

    - Surface Lure - Electronic Injured Baitfish Sound - Advanced Rattles
    - Length: 8cm - Weight: 14gm (1/2oz) - Mustad Trebles

    Livingston Lures Pro Sizzle Jr Citrus Sparkle

    This premium topwater lure walks the walk.... and talks the talk.

    You'll be 'walking the dog' like a pro from the very first cast, imparting that frantic, unpredicatable surface action that brings trophy fish up for a bite.

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  8. Braid Thumper Squid Jigs Dorado

    Size: 3oz (85gm)

    The Braid Thumper Squid Jigs have been carefully designed to be fished in a wide variety of water depths and for a wide variety of fish, for both inshore and offshore situations.

    Detailed finish for a lifelike look with a luminescent basecoat that glows

    Braid Products Thumper Squid Jig Learn More
  9. Krocodile Spoon

    Lure Jensen's Krocodile Spoons are very versatile, multi-species spoons that are perfect for any fish on the lookout for a flashing, wobbling meal.

    The Krocodile Spoon's narrow shape and heavyweight design works to create a bold combination of thumping vibration and flashing attraction. Krocodile Spoons are stamped and formed from solid brass, buffed and then plated with corrosion-resistant chrome making them suitable for both fresh and saltwater applications.

    Sizes 1/6 oz. through 5/8 oz. are rigged with split rings, swivel, a Red magic flipper tail, and an extra Siwash hook in the package. Sizes 3/4 oz. and larger are rigged with welded rings, swivel, and treble hook.

    Can be cast, trolled or user with a downrigger / diving sinker.

    Luhr Jensen Krocodile Spoons Learn More

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