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  1. Savage Gear 3D Topwater Suicide Duck 10.5cm
    The Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck Lure - 15cm is designed for targeting large fish on the surface. This lure mimics a real life fleeing duck. This lure is equipped with spinning feet that throw water and every direction. This attracts big game fish from far distances. This lure is rigged with top and bottom hook configuration. The perfect set up for an angler to customize their bait for many fishing conditions Learn More
  2. Tyrant Tackle Haley’s Comet Surface Lure Baby Loon Colour

    Tyrant’s Haley’s Comet soft plastic tail along with the rotating blade head makes this top water lure irresistible to big Murray Cod. Very deadly on the figure 8, simply cast and retrieve! Made with Tyrant’s high impact poly and through wire construction

    Length: 6.5 Inch
    Weight: 90 grams
    Hook Size: 4/0 Wide gap trebles

    Tyrant Tackle Inc - Hook and Conquer Logo




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  3. DUO Realis Shad 59MR HD68

    DUO is a leading Japanese Fishing Lure company producing some of the most stunning lures on the market, but these don't just look good they are incredibly well designed and work on a large variety of Australia fish.

    The highly responsive suspending type shad exhibits its true potential in high pressure fields and low water temperature conditions where they are inactive.

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  4. Lindy Shadling 6cm Red Tail

    Designed with incredible attention to detail, the Shadling successfully emulates both the basic patterns and subtle undertones of a variety of common baitfish species. The secondary hues flash as the shadling swims and triggers savage strikes from all species of gamefish.

    The size and action of the Lindy Shadling would make it ideal for many species from Bass, Redfin, Yellow Belly and Cod right through to Mangrove Jacks.

    Length: 6cm
    Depth: 5 - 10 feet

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  5. Matzuo Zen Snappy Minnow 11cm Suspending Minnow

    The Zen Snappy Minnow suspending bait gives the angler the best of both worlds.

    It will dive 4 - 8 feet and suspend at the depth you choose. Great swimming action is also perfect for trolling too. The Snappy Minnow is available in both highly reflective prism and matte finishes.

    Matzuo Nano Crickhopper

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  6. Livingston Lures DM20 Divermaster Deep Diving Crankbait Baby Bass

    LED Fire Eyes - Advanced Rattle System - Electronic Sound Chamber
    Dives to 20 feet - 17g (5/8oz) - 3in Length

    Livingston Lures Divermaster 20 LED Fire Eye Lure

    The future in fishing is here now!

    When fish are holding down in the water column, the long, precision tuned bill of the 3-inch Divemaster DM20 gets this lure into the deep, dark waters where trophy fish search for prey.

    At the heart of the Divemaster’s fish-catching success is a propriety sound chamber designed to “call” fish with a exclusive combination of technologies — advanced, vibration producing rattles activated by the lure’s swimming action and internal microelectronics that simulate the natural “croaking” noises of distressed baitfish.

    Both the DM14 and DM20 also feature the additional visual trigger of internal red LED lights in the crankbaits’ eyes that fade in and fade out in an alternating cadence with the electronic croaking.

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  7. High Tide B-52 Bucktail Jigs
    Ideal for use in freshwater or saltwater, Bucktail Jigs sport realistic 3-D eyes and a long-lasting, fish-attracting finish. Each also has Super Sharp hooks. Learn More
  8. P-LINE Predator Minnow 6 inch Deep Diver

    Length: 6in - Hooks: VMC Trebles - Depth: up to 4m

    The P-Line Predator is a deep diving, jointed bait with an action that makes it irresistible to many species of game fish, most notably striped bass.

    Trolled at 3-mph with 30m of line, the Predator will dive up to 4m (13 feet).

    These lures will catch fish from coast to coast, in both salt and fresh water, under any conditions. The Predator features 3 counter balanced weights in the body of the lure which ensure great action and balance. The main body also has 6 hollow stainless steel BB’s which create an irresistible rattling noise, attracting fish in the murkiest of water.

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  9. Norman Lures D22 Bumble Bee
    These deep diving Norman Lures Professional Edge Crankbaits are amazingly productive and come with brilliant Sunshine Gel-Coat finishes. You can count on plenty of flash and reflection, and the Professional Edge Crankbaits' finish is tough enough to be bounced off any structure without ever wearing off! Great lures for natives like Murray Cod, Yellow Belly, Australian Bass, Barramundi and Mangrove Jacks. Learn More

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