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Mikes Glo Bait Trout Bites White

Mike's Glo Bait Trout Can's Resist!

Improved formula catches more and bigger trout! Special combination of scents, amino acids, bright colors and glitter make this an excellent trout bait. Glo Bait molds and clings to your hook, floating at fish feeding levels. Steady stream of trout attracting scents are slowly released into the surrounding water to attract and stimulate trout to bite. It is easy to use and Trout Love It!


White - Vanilla Scented
Pink - Shrimp Scented
Yellow - Corn Scented


Atlas Mike's Trout Glo Bait Dough, Assorted Colors:

Concentrated attracting scents
Bright colors and glitter
An easy choice for trout and trout anglers
Attracts by sight, scent and taste
Available in a variety of popular color/scent combinations
Meets all fishing conditions

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