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Egret 3" Vudu Shrimp 2 Pack

Cast a spell on them with a Vudu Shrimp! Made from the same material tennis shoe soles are made of. It's tough as hell. We've caught as many as 50 fish on one bait!

Great action in the water and on the drop, will catch the attention of any fish looking for a feed of prawn and freshwater shrimp.

2 Pre-rigged Shrimps Per Pack

Size: 3.25 inches long and weights 1/8 oz


You'll think it's magic the way the new Vudu Shrimp catches fish! The New Vudu Shrimp has a Kevlar weave through the body giving it strength and durability. Egret Baits have caught up to 50 fish on one Vudu Shrimp! It's unique tail gives it a natural swimming action.

Comes pre-rigged ready to go out of the pack

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